When were Villas of Savage built?

VOS was built in 2016 with first units occupied in December 2016.

What type of rental property is Villas of Savage?

Villas of Savage is an upscale, townhome “style” property with single level in a first or second floor apartment. Each apartment has direct access from a single car attached garage or a front entry door. There are no common hallways. Each unit has an individual street address.

How many bedrooms do Villas of Savage apartments have?

All apartments have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Who owns and manages Villas of Savage?

Villas of Savage is owned and managed by local owners, Paul and Ann Anderson. Paul and Ann were the developers, contractor and are the managers of the property. You get personal attention from the owners.

What are the requirements for application to Villas of Savage?

The application requirements to Villas of Savage are:

  1. $500.00 deposit
  2. Completed application form by each applicant 18 years or older
  3. Background check for each applicant for both criminal and credit/employment. Background check is $45.00/person paid directly to the background check company
What are some of the qualification requirements for renting at Villas of Savage?
  1. Income must be at least 2.5-3 times rent.
  2. Good credit rating.
  3. Steady employment and employment history.
  4. Acceptable background report.
Will I have control of my own heating and cooling?

Yes. Each apartment has a 95% efficient gas fired furnace and central air with set-back thermostats and air-to-air heat exchangers.

How many people are allowed to live in one unit?

A maximum of four people may occupy a two bedroom unit at Villas of Savage.

Who must be listed on the lease?

All persons occupying the apartment must be listed on the lease.

What is the requirements for unmarried roommates?

All occupants must meet minimum requirements for income individually or have an independent 3rd party co-signer that is acceptable to Villas of Savage.

Does Villas of Savage allow pets?

Villas of Savage is a pet free environment. No pets are allowed.

Does Villas of Savage allow smoking?

Villas of Savage does not allow smoking within 25’ of the property.

Is Villas of Savage involved in the Crime Free/Drug Fee program with the City of Savage?

Yes, Villas of Savage works with the City of Savage Police Dept. on their Crime Free/Drug Free program.

How much is rent at Villas of Savage?

Rent ranges from $1555 to $1710*

*Rent is subject to change without notice on this site.
What is included in the rent?

Rent includes attached single car garage, water and sewer, softened water, trash and recycling, furnace filter changes, lawn care, snow removal, and property taxes.

What are tenant expenses at Villas of Savage?

Tenants are responsible for gas, electric and phone/TV/Internet services. All apartments are prewired for phone, TV and Internet.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. There are no association fees, and no additional fees for trash/recycling or water/sewer. There are no application fees other than those previously mentioned.

We have two vehicles. Where do we park?

Each apartment has a single car attached garage and parking spot in driveway in front of garage. There is guest parking area also.